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When crap email campaigns turn me into angry hulk type person

Ok, so I’ve been fairly rubbish lately at updating my blog. It’s really weird considering that it’s been a bit harder to think of things to write about ever since leaving equator – as a lot of the rantage was inspired by things I came across in my day to day affiliate management job. I do have a couple questions for the affiliate universe burning in my blog’s saved posts but I am currently trying to figure out how to write it diplomatically. Anyhoo, that’s neither here nor there, the point is although I’ve been keeping up with all the blogs I usually read and finding new ones I do feel a bit rant-less and hard up for inspiration – well at least one that’s related to affiliate marketing (I have plenty of rants about why was Rachel Zoe featured in Vogue? Why is she even taken seriously as a stylist? WHY? And some vapid columnist for Grazia – I only bought it because I was on the train to Dundee – and her lame, insipid, and vacuous coverage of New York fashion week).

Granted there have been a lot of things going on this week in the universe of internet and affiliate marketing. There’s the whole blogrush phenomenon, as well as a myriad of industry events that I would love to go to – Adtech London especially, as well as the Affiliate Summit and A4U expo (sadly I resigned before I got a chance to convince equator to send me there – oops!). Oh well, am sure there will be others in the near future. However, I’d have loved to go as it looks like it’ll be pretty interesting. I’d have paid my own way to go of course, but with footing the bill for another plane ticket home in a couple weeks (best friend’s wedding) I just couldn’t justify it.

I am looking forward to the reports back from these events though – and I know there will be plenty! Especially from Keith Bond who will be attending Ad tech London. It is a bummer though, and while the job search continues I have to live vicariously through our very active blogging community. Again, I digress. The reason for this blog post is due to the fact that I’ve taken umbrage with a marketing attack on my email inbox over the weekend.

So I check my email this weekend and I have an email from – which is a bit weird as I’ve already received their weekly update, but figure hey why not? I open the email and find this –


Out of curiosity I click on the Play Message button and am re-directed here. It was a freaking ad for Scottish Hydro Electric! WTF? What does Scottish Hydro Electric have to do with ASOS? Why are ASOS promoting an electric company? And why are ASOS allowing Scottish Hydro Electric to advertise through their system using their database – especially when I specifically ticked the box saying: no thanks to receiving messages from third parties! This really pissed me off – and worse, it was a horrendous campaign anyway! What is WITH the donkey? And it’s not a clever leap ad – I’m not one to needs things to be obvious but come on! And worst of all, when I clicked on it again to show someone it said ‘My aren’t you keen? You’re already signed up!’ Signed up to what? TO WHAT?!

Judge for yourselves and have a look but this seriously pissed me off. I’m all for guerrilla marketing and blah blah yadda yadda but this was unrelated and really just a crap campaign! I will be writing a rather angry letter to ASOS about this and will post it up here when I’m done (along with my angry letter to Grazia about that insipid columnist – it’s a week of angry letters methinks). I know it could be a by-product to my alone time lately but it’s seriously pissed me off so much I want to punch the hell out of that smug freaking donkey! Or maybe I should get out to the gym more. Anyway have a look and feel free to comment on my downward spiral of insanity.