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Quarterlife – it’s begun


A while back I posted a verbal avalanche about a brand spankin’ new show called Quarterlife – produced like a high budget tv show but shown solely on the internet, from the dudes who brought us My So Called Life. Well boys and girls, I’ve just finished watching Part 1 and Part 2 and I must say it could be pretty promising. It takes a bit of warming up to, but once it gets going I definitely think it’s got some legs and will be tuning in next week.

The really interesting bit that I got a bit “oooh” about was I got an email from the Quarterlife site, and it seems they’re setting up a creative and artistic community from the show’s fanbase. You go in, set up a profile and upload your work, discuss the show or whatever you wanted. Could be potentially a bit on the naff side but definitely cool looking and will be setting up my profile to dig into it and see what becomes of it. I wish there were some figures out about the number of people who watched it but I assume that will be coming soon. Also, while there were no lengthy ad breaks you did get a banner featuring Toyota scroll across the bottom of the screen – but you could close it so no major drama there.

All in all, pretty good start and I’m definitely getting into it – and love the whole community they’ve built up, hopefully it’ll take off. Worth a check out – about 20 mins in total and really hearkens back to My So Called Life – just as confused but grown up.

PS: did anyone see Simon Cowell on Top Gear last night? Botox city! YIKES! Plastic-ville. Yeesh!


Where in the world is Kerry?

Ok so I’ve been pretty MIA these past several weeks – so what’s up with that? you may ask. Well, a lot of stuff’s been going on. Firstly, I flew back home to Jordan for my bestest friend’s wedding – quick and shocking as the whole getting together was, she seems happy and in spite of the bridezilla-ness and the need to ply her with Zanax and some champagne it all went super well. I did however, discover that I hate weddings – despite 2 of my closest friends getting married this year, and a number of weddings I’ve been to as George’s plus one. Maybe I’m just wedding-ed out, considering I’m not used to going to too many.

And after all the business around the wedding, a few of the friends from abroad got together and did the whole tour of Jordan and I went along more as translator and token Arabic speaker. It was great – I do love doing the tourist round that you somehow never really end up doing unless someone’s visiting. We all went to Petra overnight, then camping in Wadi Rum, then drove up to the Dead Sea (which is the escape from Amman and all the bullshit during swim season). And best of all, I got a tan – again! Some pics are available here if you care to see. George has more and as soon as he gets his on flickr then I’ll put in a link.

But it was rapidly back to reality and what had become freezy Glasgow on my return and continuing the major job hunt. Yep boys and girls, am still in the process of job getting. I’ve had some really good leads and it’s come down to some final couple but between a rabid indecisiveness and god knows what, things haven’t moved on. More irons in the fire as they say and I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve also found it hard to find inspiration for my writing considering I’ve been out of the game for while. I mean it’s pretty hard to rant about stuff when it’s suddenly not your whole life anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still think I did the right thing leaving Equator. I believe I was pigeonholed into what I was doing, and there was little room for progress and moving up. Plus the challenges moved from learning something new and figuring things out to trying not to allow myself to be run over by the bus on the way to work in the morning (scary when you start contemplating a stay in hospital as preferable but there you go!). I’m not really insane honest, just was very unhappy. But there you go, shit happens and for the most part you learn to deal but sometimes you realize that you’re going nowhere fast. I have always believed that you don’t have the right to sit and bitch and moan and not try to do anything about your situation – so I did.

I still do have a lot of rants, but I guess that’s for another time (still trying to find the diplomatic language here). I do still keep up with some of the blogs that I live by (professionally) and believe it or not with the forum. I am really bummed out that I couldn’t go to the expo and was considering going on my own – but sunshine, best friend, and a tan called! Tough choice that was, I tell ya. And now a days, I spend my time applying for jobs, interviews, occassional gym visit (need to go more!), and catching up with some old friends in the form of John Hughes movies (seriously, they have some great soundtracks). I am a mega stress puppy at the moment though, I hate not working and it’s sorta driving me up the wall. But hopefully this will all be remedied soon.

Anyway, more to come but thought I’d drop a line and share some pics so enjoy!