Quarterlife – it’s begun


A while back I posted a verbal avalanche about a brand spankin’ new show called Quarterlife – produced like a high budget tv show but shown solely on the internet, from the dudes who brought us My So Called Life. Well boys and girls, I’ve just finished watching Part 1 and Part 2 and I must say it could be pretty promising. It takes a bit of warming up to, but once it gets going I definitely think it’s got some legs and will be tuning in next week.

The really interesting bit that I got a bit “oooh” about was I got an email from the Quarterlife site, and it seems they’re setting up a creative and artistic community from the show’s fanbase. You go in, set up a profile and upload your work, discuss the show or whatever you wanted. Could be potentially a bit on the naff side but definitely cool looking and will be setting up my profile to dig into it and see what becomes of it. I wish there were some figures out about the number of people who watched it but I assume that will be coming soon. Also, while there were no lengthy ad breaks you did get a banner featuring Toyota scroll across the bottom of the screen – but you could close it so no major drama there.

All in all, pretty good start and I’m definitely getting into it – and love the whole community they’ve built up, hopefully it’ll take off. Worth a check out – about 20 mins in total and really hearkens back to My So Called Life – just as confused but grown up.

PS: did anyone see Simon Cowell on Top Gear last night? Botox city! YIKES! Plastic-ville. Yeesh!


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