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But.. but… who will I look to for guidance?

Hello all. Long time no chat etc etc. I’m kicking off my ‘get my shiz together’ new year’s resolution with a brand spankin’ new post and upkeep of my blog. Today’s topic, boys and girls, hasn’t really much to do with digital marketing per se but rather a rant I’ve been having since last weekend and thought I’d contribute my 2 pence on the matter.

Before I begin, I shall preface this with the following disclaimer: I do realize that this is very unlikely to happen but still… you never know right?

So all this goes back to last weekend, when, whilst watching the news a newsy sort of rhetorical question was asked as a ¬†headline: will The Smiths reunite in ’09? Which immediately brought forth a screech of horror (much to the chagrin of neighboring dogs and their eardrums). How could this happen? Will this happen? Is this true? Wtf is going on?! Has hell frozen over?

Nope – it’s true, this was an actual headline and there was much chat about the possible reformation of The Smiths. But surely, my hero, Captain Cantankerous, the keeper of all things ranty and angry and ‘hey you kids get off my lawn’ fist shaking Mr Stephen Patrick Morrissey (so awesome he need only be referred to by Morrissey) would not give in to the pathetic temptation of more cash and popularity! Would he?!

My concern has doubled in recent times mostly due to the increase of shocking adverts on tv involving rabble rousers, rebels, and ‘anarchists’ from days of yore hawking butter and car insurance (ps: Iggy pop, please quit rubbing glitter paste all over your handbag cleavage. Glitter paste should remain in the dominion of pre-pubescent girls. kthnxbai).¬†

But surely, Morrissey wouldn’t do that to me, to us? Yes? The world as we know it is devoid of heroes and people to look up to. If the last bastion of cantakerosity and I don’t give a shit-ness gives in, who will I look to for guidance, inspiration, and aspiration? There are few really honest famous people left, people who aren’t full of soundbytes, groomed to within an inch of their lives, acting like trained monkeys in order to fit in with a system or perceived level of perfection.

I can’t believe that he of all people, would back out of his decades-long feud for something so lowly as money or international acclaim. The last 2 years has seen unprecedented numbers of bands getting back together and I’m not so much sure I like this trend. Theoretically, yeah it would be awesome to see The Smiths. However, it would have a sad air of 20+ years too late, not quite right etc etc. But who knows, maybe this rant is all for nought as it is highly unlikely (not impossible, just improbable) that they will reunite. If not for anything other than the fact that I believe Morrissey famously said something like he’d eat his own testicles before that happens.

I guess I can at least hold on to the fact that he’s just released a new solo album and going on yet another world tour (damn tickets selling out in 10mins GAAAH YE GODS!) so it’s not so much likely to happen this year. Or ever. But still, you really can’t take these things for granted.

Let’s hope he sticks to his guns. Anyway, seeing as it’s Sunday and all – enjoy: