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So I’ve totally been off the radar for so long, but a lot of changes have been going on. Last most people who used to read this blog knew, I’d left Equator and went out into the big wide world with no contingency plan. Exciting or crazy? You tell me. Most people couldn’t grasp the move but hey, life’s too short and all that.

I am now at Yomego, or DA Group as it was in a former life and pretty happy. It’s definitely a different experience! Anyhoo, whilst not directly currently in online marketing, it is still my chief passion. That and writing (oh yes, back in the day I had aspirations of a literary nature if you could grasp that). I am most definitely back, and most definitely still obsessed with all things online marketing.

I feel a bit overwhelmed, so much has happened since November and so much I want to talk about that I don’t really know where to begin: the atrocity that is this season’s Doctor Who, the tragedy that was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (CGI prairie dogs? WTF?), all the AWESOME campaigns that I’ve seen – including certain campaigns that were total I’ve-seen-that-before-somewhere-deja-vu campaigns which I will name in future posts when I’ve not just polished off the best part of a bottle of Chardonnay and can be bothered with the research.

I kid! Or do I? Either way, she’s alive and kicking and full of geeky excitement and raring to go. And as a side note, should I be worried that the majority recent traffic to my blog has been generated by the search term ‘teen girls with bright red hair’? Hmm… i wonder.